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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Dear Friends...


A few years ago I read an article about church growth. It said if we want to encourage new people to join the church we have to stop saying the church is like a family because most people have enough drama with their own families without joining a new one. This comment is both funny and true. As we look to the holidays, with all the family gatherings, I have come to understand that for some the thought of a family dinner conjures up laughter and love, and for others a certainty that at some point someone will leave with a slamming door.


Thanks to Norman Rockwell and Hallmark movies, we hold on to the belief that someone else has the perfect family; the family where everyone shows up for the holidays and shows up well…well dressed, well behaved, well equipped to handle anything that comes their way . Here’s the good news.  No family is perfect, not even Jesus’!


In his book Underdogs and Outsiders”, Tom Fuerst writes, “Jesus did not come into a perfect family filled with perfect people who didn’t need saving. He came into a wrecked family filled with wrecked people who needed a savior. By displaying the broken branches on Christ’s family tree, God sheds light on the realities of the human condition”.


The well-loved sung table grace begins with the words, “Be present at our table Lord”. As we head into these holidays may this be our sincere prayer. May we ask for Christ’s presence at our tables, at our family gatherings, in our daily interactions. May we find ourselves able to accept the imperfections of our families, ourselves and others. May we know the peace that passes all understanding.

Throughout these coming weeks I look forward to gathering with you for worship, for study, for service and fun all in the Peace, Presence and Power of Christ….Pastor Sarah


*If you are intrigued by Jesus’ imperfect family, join our new study of Tom Fuerst’s book Underdogs and Outsiders: A Bible Study on the Untold Stories of Advent. Check out the Messenger article for more information.


Pastor Sarah




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