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Friday, March 23, 2018
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

Pastor's Reflections




Dear Friends...

A dear friend of Dave’s and mine, Wayne Meisel, has been in the fight of his life the past six months facing treatments for his third bout of cancer. The week before Christmas Wayne sent out an email which included these words …

All this is to say is that I believe I am indeed fighting the good fight and that it is a fight worth living. There are people out there that have brought their best selves this challenge and been able to share joy and light in the world … some for a few days and others decades. When I was first diagnosed my goal was to be the longest living survivor. Not I have come to realize what I really want is to be the most grace-filled and grateful person on the planet as long as I am breathing on it.

Wow. Talk about changing perspective, setting new goals!


As we continue to grow in this season of Lent, moving through the last dark days of winter to the light of spring, may Wayne’s words find a home in us. 


O Lord of life and death, of Lent and Easter, create in us the desire to be like Wayne, the most grace-filled, grateful persons on the planet for as long as we are breathing on it.

In the Peace, Presence, and Power of Christ …


...Pastor Sarah




Who we are as the people of Stone…

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