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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

Pastor's Reflections



Dear Friends,



Three times this past week I've been asked, “How's your summer been?”


Hmm...How's my summer been? I'd say it's been hard, not bad, just difficult.


In the beginning of July we moved my father into nursing care at Wesbury. This has been difficult for everyone, most especially my mom and dad. While Stone had a joyous 150th celebration and many positive ministry moments with children and families, we also mourned the death of loved ones in our church family and community.  We've worked with leaks and changes in leadership. We've paused, planned and persevered. 


How's our summer been? It's been full here at Stone Church; full of joy and sorrow, full of healing and hurt, full of wonder and worry, full of hope and the Holy Spirit.


One of the most powerful names for Jesus in scripture is Emmanuel, which means God with us. We use this expression most often at Christmas while celebrating Jesus' birth, the physical presence of God in our midst.  As we head into fall, let's claim this reality not just for a season but for our whole lives. God is with us! In joy and in sorrow, yesterday, today and tomorrow!


So, off we go with confidence into this new season. Thank God we go not alone! God  is always with us. Amen!


In Christ’s peace, presence, and power…Pastor Sarah




Who we are as the people of Stone…

“Compelled by God's love Stone UMC is an inclusive community of faith, meeting people where they are, connecting them with Christ and one another, helping them live as disciples of Jesus Christ”.



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