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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Dear Friends,


In the classic Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston writes, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer”. For our family, 2018 was a year that answered a 123 year old question. Here is a part of this story...


In 1895, at ten years of age, my Grandpa Daniels came to the United States without parents or siblings. He came to live with “family” in Ridgway. We never knew why he came alone or the names of those he came to live with. So many questions about his childhood were either never asked or were asked and remained unanswered. While my father regretted not knowing about his father's childhood, my grandpa was forty-four when my dad was born and what he didn't tell, you didn't ask.


Years ago my parents tried to trace our family in Sweden. One of my cousins did as well while studying there. Many questions, but again, no answers. After all this time, we considered the case closed, and it was. Until...


On December 17th of this past year, literally out of the blue, my brother received an email asking, “Are you a relative of Oscar Daniels, born in Farstorp, Skane, Sweden in 1885? He came to the United States in 1895, just 10 years old. This is my grandfather's brother and we have been searching for him for many years”. I still get goose bumps when I read these words! 


Immediately a flurry of emails ensued with our “new” relative Brita. We discovered that Brita's father, Berger, age 90, is alive and well. He is the last of his generation and the one who remembers his father talking about his older brother Oscar, the one sent to America.


There is much more to this story, more questions and hopefully more answers.  Dave and I have the great privilege of representing our family as we go to Sweden in August to meet Brita, Berger and their extended family. I ask for your prayers as we cross the same ocean my grandfather crossed as a little boy over a century ago, as we meet a family who over three generations has never let him go.


All this in the name of the One who gives us life and love...Pastor Sarah

    Stone United Methodist Church, I love this place!

    In the Peace, Power and Presence of Christ...Pastor Sarah




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