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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Creating a Community of Caring Christians


Stone Church is very serious about Christian Education.  In addition to our in-house courses, we are pleased to provide links to  the following on-line courses that members, friends and visitors may pursue in the privacy of their homes through links to other web based educational services.  When considering any of the following on-line courses, please remember that Stone Church is home to people with widely divergent theological views and we seek to provide educational opportunities across the broad spectrum of theological thought.  The people of Stone Church are thinking people and are happy to encounter many different points of view.  The sponsors of the following courses are solely responsible for their content.   

1. The Bible: The Book that Bridges the Millenium is a the Bible study that examines where the Bible came from, how it relates to our age, and why some writings were included and others were not.  Online videos, maps and other resources are offered.

2. The Bible Through the Seasons is a course the permits the reader to study the Bible over a three year period at a relaxed pace of daily readings.

3. Jesus and the Courageous Women is a course utilizing Bible readings, art, drama, music and searching questions to loook at women of the Bible who were prominant participants in Jusus; ministry.

4. Joshua and the Promised Land is a spritual growth study focused on social action.  Participants will learn about people around the world, social justice and presevation of the earth.

5.  Paul's Letters to the Corinthians discusses the challenges faced by the early church and often by our own modern churches.  Participants will learn about unity within diversity, leadership, relationships and many other topics applicable to our time by examining the challenges faced by the early Corinthian church.


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