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Saturday, July 04, 2020
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

Requests for Prayer and Prayer Tools

We at Stone Church conduct an active intercessory prayer program.  We are sensitive to both the need of friends and relatives to seek prayer for others and to the need we all feel to have others care and pray for us.  We are also sensitive to the privacy concerns that sometimes arise when important personal information is disclosed as part of prayer requests.



Please use the following link to seek prayer for yourself or for others.   Requests are reviewed regularly by one of our pastors who will then process your request appropriately.  You can be assured that identifying details of your request will never appear on this website, in our church bulletin or in our church newsletter.  We invite you to seek the prayers of the people of Stone Church and we commit to give those prayers when you ask. You will not be added to any mailing list or email list and no responsive communication will be sent to you unless you request a response. 

Lower on this page are:

1. A button by which you may request prayer for your personal intentions.

2. Prayer tools to pray for peace and for the saftey of America's military forces and

3. A set of prayer starters on various topics to aid in your personal prayer life.


We pray that God will bless you and all for whom you have concern today.


Send prayer requests to:  Prayer Request



Share Prayers for Peace and For the Safety and Well-being of the Members of America's Armed Forces

Join United Methodists and friends of our chruches around the world in praying for peace and for the safety and well-being of the members of America's Armed Forces.  Click on the Call to Prayer icon and you will be directed to a page at which you can find prayers written by others and on which you can write and share your own prayers for peace and for the men and women of America's armed forces with others throughout the world via the web.  The page will also provide updated information concerning the efforts of Christians around the world to find peace and concerning how our church is working to support  America's people in uniform.




Topical Prayer Starters



A Meditation

(Good Shepherd guide me on my way and where you lead me, there I will go.)


I am the Good Shepherd, when you hear my voice, follow me.

I lead you through the straight gate and on the narrow way.

I guide your feet into the paths of peace.

You know the way to follow, for I am the Way.


If you should lose the way and darkness closes in,

have no fear, but listen for my voice, and turn to me again

and I will see you, yet a long way off,

and I will come, rejoicing to lead you home.


Though the way is long and winding, keep my peace in your heart.

Of all the flock God gave me, no one will be lost.

If you should stray, I will seek until I find you,

for you are my own, and I call you by name.


Laura A Whitney

Prayed at Chautauqua Aug 2001




A Prayer for Those Who Serve


Loving and creating God, with grateful hearts we give thanks for those who respond to your call to serve.   Pour out your living water on all as they serve those who thirst.  Sustain everyone as they give food to the hungry, and care for those who mourn. Strengthen those who show compassion within your creation. Give us courage as we seek to have justice and love prevail.


May your spirit be the empowerment and guidance as we serve through our Stone Church fellowship.

We ask this by the power of your spirit.  Amen.


The Rev. Harry Stoll





A Prayer of Thanksgiving Seeking Guidance, Strength, Courage and the Presence of God


Most holy and loving God, thank you for the great blessings and rich resources which are ours as a people.  We offer our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to witness in a global community and a diverse culture. Speak to us that we may speak to others in truth and mercy.  Guide us that we may touch others with a redeeming word.  Give us strength and courage to seek your presence in all things.


We ask this by the power of your spirit.  Amen.


The Rev. Harry Stoll



A Prayer of Thanksgiving and A Plea for Effective Service


Gracious and merciful God, we thank you for the many blessings which we have received from your hand, not the least of which is your presence among us.  We are grateful for the opportunities to work and pray, and serve.  We thank you for the seen and unseen connections we have with others through our community, nation and world.  May you use our solidarity to bring hope and peace to a disturbed world.  Let your love so shine through us as that dark forces will find a way to the Creator’s Light and Love.


Stir our minds and hearts as we reach to you in spirit and in truth.  Amen.


The Rev. Harry Stoll



A Prayer For Those Who Serve Others


God of compassion and love, we pray for all who serve others.  Keep from the dangers of this life those who serve in tense situations, that they may carry your full mercy to those in need.  We ask that you lead us to tell them of our appreciation of their service.  Guide us to lend what resources we are able to use to support them in their serving.  Crown all of our work support, and encouragement that we may bring forth light amid darkness, life amidst death.


We ask this by the power of your spirit.  Amen.


The Rev. Harry Stoll



A Prayer for Peace, Courage and The Coming of Christ’s Kingdom


Almighty God, you who are Eternal Spirit, so far beyond us that we cannot comprehend you, yet so deep within us that we cannot escape you, keep your presence with us.   In a shaken world we seek stability; in a noisy, anxious world we look for a peace which passes human understanding; in a fearful world we desire courage; and in a world of rising and falling empires we crave a vision of your eternal kingdom where there is no darkness or hate, only eternal light and love.


This we pray through the power of your spirit.  Amen


The Rev. Harry Stoll




A Prayer To Live In Christ’s Kingdom


Eternal Spirit our God, you who comes to us in mercy and beauty; we thank you that your presence may be seen in the things of the earth that are lovely.  We thank you, too, that in those things that destroy, you are found redeeming that which is hurt and lost.  We do hear you speak when truth is spoken; we see you as we behold acts of bravery, and recognize toy in acts which are generous and caring.  It is our desire to dwell within your kingdom of strength and beauty, of joy and peace, and of mercy and compassion.


Fulfill this in us, and your creation, by the power of your spirit.  Amen


The Rev. Harry Stoll


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