Stone United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stone United Methodist Church

History Quiz part 2


1. When the church was newly constructed in the 1860s, _______ were rented for a number of years because they were too costly otherwise.

a.            Horses

b.            Preachers

c.            Pews

d.            Fountain pens

2. The first recorded Methodist “preaching event” occurred in Meadville in 1806. Where did people congregate for this historic gathering?

a.            General David Mead’s parlor

b.            In a tavern on the corner of the public square and Strawberry Alley (now Center Street)

c.            In the lobby of Bentley Hall at Allegheny College

d.            On the bank of French Creek, but due to inclement weather, it was a short sermon

3. In what year was the original 1868 debt for the construction of Stone Church paid off?

a.            1869

b.            1901

c.            1968

d.            2011

4. Stone Church’s widely-celebrated formal dedication was held on July 29, 1867, although it was originally slated for June 14 that same year. What caused the delay?

a.            There was a shortage of horses and too many people couldn’t get to town

b.            Barnum and Bailey’s Circus was performing at Conneaut Lake Park on June 14

c.            Bishop Calvin Kingsley could not make it to Meadville in June

d.            A shipment of paint from Pittsburgh which was needed to finish construction was delayed

5. The post-fire 1928 Stone Church Dedication booklet states, “For sixty years it has been praised by competent architects for its admirable proportions, its dignity, and its ____________.”

a.            Accessibility

b.            Notoriety

c.            Acoustics

d.            Churchliness


6. The organ inside of Stone Church was built by the same company which built the world’s largest organ in the Mormon Tabernacle, located in Salt Lake City:

Stone Church organ 2018

a.            True

b.            False


7. According to notes written in 1968 by a church member who was present at the 1927 fire,

    how did it start?

a.            A carelessly discarded cigar by someone passing by

b.            Overheated organ motor

c.            A cow kicked over a lantern

d.            Trolley sparks

8. The Stone Church Year Book 1929-1930 states, “Our Gymnasium, ___________  and

    Kingsley Hall render a service which is community-wide in its scope.”

a.            Dormitory

b.            Playground

c.            Bowling Alleys

d.            Garden Club

9. The booklet “Symbols in Old Stone Church” explains that the commonly seen symbol

    “fleur-de-lys” is a:

a.            Modified daisy

b.            Centralized lily

c.            Conventionalized iris

d.            Unraveling rose


10. This picture is from the large stained glass window, bottom panel

       furthest to the right. Who is it and what are they doing?


a.            John Wesley preaching

b.            A circuit rider delivering Bibles

c.            The first professor at Allegheny College giving a lecture

d.            Stone Church’s original architect saying a prayer