Stone United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stone United Methodist Church

History Quiz part 3



1. What was the first known building in which the Meadville Methodist congregation assembled in the early 1800s?

a.            The loft of John Lupher’s blacksmith shop

b.            Ye Olde Meade Inn

c.            Lobby of the Lafeyette Hotel

d.            The Gable family farmhouse

2. When Thoburn Chapel was built in 1924-25 the _________ was put on wheels and moved up Chestnut Street to Grove Street:

a.            Organ

b.            Parsonage

c.            Water closet

d.            Steeple


3. Which building is pictured in the lower left lancet of the large stained glass window?

a.            George Washington’s summer home

b.            Original Crawford County Fair grandstand

c.            Trolley junction depot

d.            The log cabin in which Allegheny College was established


4. According to a 1958 church document, what was Stone Church’s seating capacity at that time?     

a.            170

b.            700

c.            1,500

d.            2,500

5. Church records state, “The lot on which the present Stone Church was built was purchased the day…

a.            ...before the Thurston brothers sailed their first hot air balloon.”

b.            ...that Edison invented the light bulb.”

c.            ...after Abraham Lincoln died.”

d.            ...the first trolley ran past the church.”


6. In 1906 Stone Church purchased a church building in the section of Meadville known as Vallonia and called it “Union Chapel.” In 1937 the Union Chapel building was sold and became known as:

a.            Meadville Medical Center

b.            Bethany Church

c.            The Boot Box

d.            Union City Community Center

7. When Stone Church was originally dedicated in 1868, it was said to be “large enough to seat ________ of the population of Meadville.”

a.            2%

b.            10%

c.            40%

d.            72%


8. In what year was the original cornerstone for Thoburn Chapel laid? 

a.            1799

b.            1852

c.            1924

d.            2002

9. In the 1925 Stone Church a program celebrating the centennial of Methodism in Meadville, a full-length play was presented which chronologically depicted this 100-year development. The play was titled:

a.            “Religion on Review”

b.            “The Crawford County Christian Chronicles”

c.            “Who Put the ‘Mead’ in Meadville?”

d.            “Paths of Righteousness”

10. What silver (25th) anniversary was celebrated by Stone Church in 1953?

a.            The trolley running to the church door

b.            The installation of Shippen fountain in Diamond Park

c.            Worship in the rebuilt sanctuary

d.            Membership in the local historical society