Stone United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

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1.       A - The loft of John Lupher’s blacksmith shop. According   to “History of the Erie Conference…” by Jason Nelson Fradenburgh: “Their first place of meeting was the loft of Mr. Lupher's blacksmith shop... This was by no means the only place of meeting. Their class meetings, prayer meetings and week night meetings were held in the houses of the various members of the class.”


2.       B - Parsonage. Cost of construction for the parsonage when it was built in 1887 was $2,950, according to church records.


Note parsonage in original location


3.       D - The log cabin in which Allegheny College was established. On the bottom right lancet, the tower of Allegheny College’s Bentley Hall is pictured:

4.       B - 700.

5.       C - the day after Abraham Lincoln died.” This information was extracted from a 1968 typed document which was compiled in preparation for the church’s 100th anniversary.


6.       B - Bethany Church. According to 1 Stone Church records, “Bethany was organized in 1887 as an Episcopoal Church and called, ‘Vallonia,’...the name given to that area which now constitutes the fifth ward in Meadville. In 1906 Stone Church bought the building and made it into a non-denominational chapel and called it “Union Chapel.” Its present address is 140 Wadsworth Ave., Meadville.


7.       B - 10%.


8.       C - 1924.


9.       D - “Paths of Righteousness” by Florence Grauel Miller. The dedication of Thoburn Chapel was combined with this centennial celebration March 1-6, 1925. Regarding the play, Part I, Episode I of the play was titled “Robert Roberts Begins his Ministry as a Circuit Rider.”


10.    C - Worship in the rebuilt sanctuary, which was re-opened in 1928 after the devastating 1927 fire. The photos below are from the “Silver Anniversary Services Souvenir Program” dated May 3, 1953.


S C O R I N G    

8-10 correct   Wow-Worthy

5-7   correct   Information Inspiration

2-4   correct   Factually Foundtional

0-1   correct   Avidly Ascending