Stone United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

A N S W E R S to



1. C - Pews.

2. B - In a tavern on the corner of the public square and Strawberry Alley (now Center Street). Church records titled “Historical” explain that in 1806 this historic first gathering was led by Robert Roberts, later Bishop Roberts. To offer a timeline perspective, the first building at Allegheny College, Bentley Hall, was built between 1820 and 1835, according to wikipedia.

3. B - 1901. A typed presentation for the Kiwanis Club, written by a church member in 1968 states, “This was never entirely paid off until Feb. 2, 1901, when the church was celebrating its 75th anniversary...the final $5531 had been subscribed that evening.”

4. C - Bishop Calvin Kingsley could not make it to Meadville in June. It was important for Bishop Kingsley to be present because, “He had been an Allegheny College student and instructor and was pastor of the church in 1842. Moreover, it was he who had laid the cornerstone of the church on June 5, 1866.” This quote is from “History of Old Stone Church” by Gertrude Dee Thomas, 1968.


5. D - Churchliness.

6. A - True, as stated in church records within a typed report titled, “A Trip Through Our Church.”

7. B - On page 6a of these hand-written notes the author states, “...Started in organ motor. Sanctuary recently redecorated. Fresh paint on walls - ceiling helped spread flames. Confusion on alarms and Erie Freight - believe it or not - delayed fire trucks getting to scene.”

8. C - Bowling Alleys. The same yearbook says, “Our educational unit with seven department rooms and over forty individual Sunday School class rooms constitutes one of the most complete in the State.”



9. C - Conventionalized iris. Regarding the Cross with Fleur-de-lys, page 10 of the booklet explains, “...the fleur-de-lys speaks of the Trinity and the square, the quatrefoil, and the circle each tell their own message.” This symbol can be observed on the ceiling of the church in alternate panels.

In this photo of the church ceiling, can you find the “Cross with Fleur-de-Lys” shown on page 10 of the “Symbols” booklet?


10. A - John Wesley preaching.


9-10 correct - Educationally Elevated

6-8 correct - Affirmatively Admirable

2-5 correct - Informationally Sound         

0-1 correct - Onward and Upward