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Sunday, April 05, 2020
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

A note from Pastor Sarah about membership


A note from Pastor Sarah about membership

There was a day when church “membership” indicated a person’s status in the community. Although this created a lot of “large member- ship churches” I’m not sure it always created or even allowed for the kind of Gospel based discipleship Christians are called to.

What does it mean now to be a “member” of Stone United Methodist Church? Certainly, all are encouraged to participate in worship, study groups, service opportunities and the giving of time, energy and financial resources. If this is true, why be a “member”?

   To become a member of Stone United Methodist Church is a statement of commit-ment. It says not only do I want to attend here but I want to belong here and I want to make this a community that others can belong to as well.

If this is something you’re considering or just something you’d like to talk more about please let me know. I am best reached by calling the office (724-6736) or by e-mailing me at

Together we become the best witness to the power and love of Jesus Christ that we can possibly be!


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