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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Fairview/Fairmont Outreach

Fairview/Fairmont Outreach


What’s happening at the Fairview / Fairmont Outreach?

by Director, Diane Craven


Many hands made light work of cleaning Huidekoper Park and surrounding woods to the apartment complex! “Clean Up Your Neighborhood” was first celebrated with the children gathering and collecting trash and recyclables along East Alley. Later in the evening 18 residents and friends joined “Thankful Thursday Crew”, “Showing Up for Racial Justice of Crawford County, “the Meadville Neighborhood Center” and other volunteers and cleaned up the park and surrounding area. Two of our residents were featured in the Tribune photo of the event!

Families and students are gearing up for the start of school! School supplies donated by the First Presbyterian Church were recently disbursed – pre kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, secondary and adult students-all received packets full of notebooks, pens, pencils, composition paper, ruler, scissors, markers, crayons, erasers. Parents are very THANKFUL for this wonderful annual donation!

This week we are preparing the Outreach for Fall cleaning. Carpets will be shampooed and floors stripped and waxed.  The wear and tear of all the summer activities and summer lunches have taken their toll and we are ready for a face lift!

Big Brothers & Big Sisters attended our Open House to register children for their mentoring program! The children really enjoy the weekly hour, and one on one time they spend with their “Bigs”. Building positive relationships that last for years!

Living Waters Church continues to bring their Church Bus and pick up the children for worship on Sunday mornings. Plus they’re still bringing their weekly program, “Sidewalk Sunday School” to the complex with plans to continue it thru out the year. The children look forward to this program each week!

Drug & Alcohol of Crawford County is planning on expanding their weekly program with our children and offer programs about positive choices and the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) program. The STEM program was a great hit with the children this summer. They want to continue to “blow up” and create “gooey ooey things!”

Ten children’s bike and helmets were awarded to children for positive behavior and participation awards! (thank you to all of those church members who donated their bikes that were refurbished.)

Staff is gearing up for the Fall Program-preparing afterschool activities such as Reading Club, Computers, Tinker Time, piano lessons, Kid’s Cooking, and more! Adult activities and special gatherings are on the Fall agenda also. These include Adult Bingo, garage sales, “Out to Lunch” gatherings, Art Therapy Support Group, Knitting & Crochet lessons, piano lessons- just to name a few.  LIFE NWPA (Living Independence For the Elderly) will be presenting a program and a picnic lunch September 12th!

The French Creek Food Hub – a mobile food market continues to bring fresh veggies & fruits to the complex for sale! Some residents have said they’ve never tasted tomatoes so sweet!



Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.      Matthew 6:8 (NIV) 

God’s Promise:

It’s not that He doesn’t know --- He just wants the pleasure of your company.








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