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Monday, December 17, 2018
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Fairview/Fairmont Outreach

Fairview/Fairmont Outreach



A word from The Fairview/Fairmont Outreach board…

 The Fairview/Fairmont Outreach Board is happy to announce the hiring of Sarah Miller as our Outreach Director. Sarah worked for a time as Assistant Director in the program and brings many skills and experiences to this position.  Sarah began her position on November 12.  Currently, the Outreach Program is accepting applications for a new Assistant to hopefully begin mid-December so that the Outreach Program can be fully up and running at that time.  Outreach operates under "Safe Sanctuaries," where two adults are required to be present for all programs involving children under 18.    Thus, until the Assistant is hired, Sarah will be providing programs with volunteers assisting, re-organizing the Outreach space, making contact with community agencies, and planning for programs and activities for the residents of the apartment complex in accord with new priorities the Board has developed. We're happy to have Sarah on board and we thank the congregation for all its support for this mission over many years.





Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.      Matthew 6:8 (NIV) 

God’s Promise:

It’s not that He doesn’t know --- He just wants the pleasure of your company.




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