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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Pastor's Reflections



Dear Friends...

One of my favorite times in worship is the few minutes I spend with our “small and medium size folks” (as I call them) during the children’s sermon. I rarely ask a question that they don’t have more than one great answer for.

This time of year I like to ask the kids, “Do you think God takes a vacation?”  It’s a great question because both yes and no are the right answers. If we mean is God with us “on vacation”, summer break from school or a family trip to the beach, then yes, God does take a vacation. But, if we mean does God ever “check out” and leave an away message then the answer is of course no.

Scripture says God never slumbers or sleeps. God’s response to our prayers is never “Please call back when I’ve returned to my office”. God is always with us, no matter what, no matter where.

These summer months offer possibilities for rest and renewal as well as time for work and, to be honest, worry. Remember that either way, God is with us.

Into this new season I go with you. I look forward to a grand celebration of our past and continued work for our future. And of course, I treasure this present moment of now.

With profound gratitude for a new day and a new season….


Pastor Sarah




Who we are as the people of Stone…

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