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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Pastor's Reflections




Dear Friends...

Lent, the forty day season leading up to Easter, begins this year on February 14th. (Yes, it does seem strange that the day we call “Ash Wednesday” falls on Valentine’s Day!) The word lent comes from the anglo-sacton word “lencten” meaning spring. This is a season set apart by the church for reflection and growth in prayer, love and service.                                                                                        

Those of us in northwest Pennsylvania know that although Lent begins mid-February this year, spring certainly does not. Weeks away from seeing green growth on the top of the ground we trust that much goes on underneath as roots are nourished and rested.

I’d like us to consider this image for our spiritual growth. How might we nourish the roots of our life in Christ in order that new growth might be seen in how we live and love?

Our Lenten theme this year is “On Your Mark, Get Set…Grow!”. Throughout the forty days of Lent you are invited to nourish your spiritual roots by reading the Gospel of Mark. It is the Gospel that will be read in worship on Sundays, studied in Sunday School and in our Wednesday Bible Study. Mark is the shortest of the Gospels and in many ways the easiest to read. It moves quickly and shares the urgency with which the early followers of Jesus experienced the call.

I look forward to “Mark-ing” this season with you! I expect great growth as together we move toward spring and Easter with hope and expectation.

In the peace, presence and power of Christ…


...Pastor Sarah




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