Stone United Methodist Church
Thursday, February 22, 2018
Creating a Community of Caring Christians
 Stone Church has an active chapter of United Methodist Women. 

UMW At Stone United Methodist Church


UMW Officers
    President/Vice President                           
    Secretary                                   Martha Lumley
    Treasurer                                  Phyllis Stockton
 Education & Interpretation             Kathleen Ohl
 Spiritual Growth                             Audrey Lasher
 Social Action/ Key Person as
                      Wesbury Liaison           Lynn Atwell
 Membership/Nurture/Outreach        Janet Haas
 Communications                            Eileen Shields
 Nominating Committee                  Nancy Yates, Lois Rockwell
Reading Program    Pat Loutzenhiser, Lois Rockwell,
  Pastor Sarah, Kathleen Ohl       
 Funeral Dinner Coordinator            Diane Craven
 Rummage Sale Coordinators   Diane Craven, Lisa Clayton,
Phyllis Stockton, Debbie Knapp
                     Nancy Zimmerman, Eileen Carpenter
Church Council          Diane Craven
Church Women United          Janet Haas,
Women's Services               Lois Rockwell
MISSION PLEDGE: It is important that we pay our UMW pledges at this time so that we can balance our books by the end of the year. See our treasurer Phyllis Stockton.


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