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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stone Church History Trivia Quiz I


1. B - $84,000

2. C - Feed store and stenographers.  There was one person listed under the category “Feed Store,” named Maloney, A. J. at 907 Market Street, and four stenographers: Altenburg, Vera; Loveland, Mrs. V. E.; Shaffer, Myrtle; Urick, A. A.

3. D - Connor Clark.  According to a church presentation written for the Kiwanis Club in 1968, “These lots were numbered 93 and 94 in the original plots laid out by David Mead. The land originally was owned by Connor Clark, who willed it to his daughter, Elizabeth, who married George Selden…”

4. A - Crawford County Courthouse.  “One communion service was held in the large court room at the Crawford County Courthouse.” ~~ “History of Old Stone Church” by Gertrude Dee Thomas, 1975

5. A - A runaway horse and buggy carrying a woman and children.  The afternoon of the dedication, a “horse belonging to Mr. Davenport ran away down Chestnut Street, drawing a wagon containing Mrs. Davenport and three or four children,” according to The Daily Republican. It further states that people outside of the church “attempted to stop the frightened animal but without success.” The horse was eventually stopped at the museum down the street and no one was hurt.

6. C - On the pulpit.  According to Stone Church’s booklet “Symbols” on page 42, this four hearts symbol is “On the pulpit, but not on the lectern.” It also notes that the four hearts signify the four Gospels appeal to hearts through the love of God.

7. B - Religious education.

8. D - Trolley, which ran down the center of Chestnut Street in front of Stone Church. The trolley system operated in Meadville from 1897 to 1926, as stated in “A Concise History of the City of Meadville” by Anne W. Stewart, 1993.

This old postcard offers a glimpse of how easy it was to travel to church during Meadville's trolley days.


9. B - Women’s hoop skirts took up so much space.  “The newspaper account says that every part of the building was filled. One wonders how many women attending wore hoop skirts, and if many did, to what extent attendance was cut down.” ~~ “History of Old Stone Church” by Gertrude Dee Thomas, 1975

10. A - Where St. Brigid is presently located on Pine Street. This brick church opened in 1834, and “ was in an unfinished condition with a box for a pulpit, the gallery framed but unfinished and the pews, slabs of pine,” as stated in “History of Old Stone Church” by Gertrude Dee Thomas, 1968. The original 45-foot wide lot cost $100.




8-10 correct        Praise-worthy possessor of knowledge

5-7 correct          Heavenly history hound

2-4 correct          Respectably reverent of the past

0-1 correct          Mightily motivated to gain knowledge -

The good news is that you may have picked up a handful of delicious historical morsels from taking this trivia quiz.