Stone United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stone Church History Trivia Quiz I


Test your knowledge about Meadville’s historic Stone United Methodist Church




1. Approximately how much did it cost to construct Stone Church in 1868?

a.   $ 8,400        b. $ 84,000   c.  $ 840,000     d. $ 8.4 million


2. In the financial roster of 1926, which two professional categories were listed as being held by church members?

a.   Shepherds and cowboys              b. Acrobats and dancers

    c.   Feed store and stenographers    d. Recycling engineers and candy testers


3. Before Stone Church was built, who owned Meadville city lots 93 and 94 upon which it now stands?

a.   David Mead                    b. Ainsworth Pet Food Company

b.   Clark Gable’s father       c. Connor Clark


4. After the church suffered substantial fire damage in 1927, one of the sites where the congregation celebrated communion was:

a.   Crawford County Courthouse      b. Conneaut Lake Park

    c. Talon Zipper                                 d. Tamarack farm


5. The same day of the July 1868 dedication, which afternoon incident unfolded on Chestnut Street in front of the church?

a.   A runaway horse and buggy carrying a woman and children

b.   Wild Bill Hickok offered a lasso demonstration

c.   Samuel Thurston’s balloon landed unexpectedly

d.   Meadville’s first automobile drove by


6. Where inside of the church is the “four hearts” symbol located?

a.   In the loft     b. Beneath the steeple    c. On the pulpit     d.Above the ceiling fans


7. As stated in the 1928 Stone Church dedication booklet, what is the “fundamental theme” of the large stained glass north window?

a.   To boldly go where no man has gone before     b. Religious education

b.   You light up my life       d. Onward and upward


8. How did many congregants travel to Stone Church between 1897 and 1926?

a.   Ski lift system     b. Teleportation    c. Meadville Yellow Taxi Co.  d. Trolley


9. A local historian wondered if attendance had been “cut down” for the church’s dedication service on Wednesday, July 29, 1868 because:

a.   They were concerned about ending up in a standing-room-only situation

b.   Women’s hoop skirts took up so much space

c.   The circus was performing down the road near Cambridge Springs  

d.   There was confusion about the actual date and time of the service


10. Until the church was built where it is now, where did congregants previously gather for services?

a.   Where St. Brigid is presently located on Pine Street     b. Oakwood Park pavilion

                c. Tamarack farm       d. Erie Lackawana picnic grounds