Stone United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 05, 2020
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

About Stone UMC




Who are we at Stone United Methodist Church? 

We are people of all ages and backgrounds who have come together to experience life in a community of caring Christians.  We come from different theological backgrounds and points of view but we respect each other and the views others hold. We are members of one of the world's largest protestant denomination, the United Methodist Church.   We are part of the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. For news about the work of our Western Pennsylvania Conference, read the most recent edition of our conference newspaper, the Interlink through the link on our newsletter page, The Messenger.  

We are small enough to know one another and to support one another in good times and bad. We are a vibrant and caring church and you are welcome to join us as a fellow member and as a friend.

What do we do at Stone Church We worship together.  We teach and learn together.   Together we engage in ministries in our community, around our country and around the world. We enjoy music together, both as performers and as listeners.  We pray together and alone and many of us engage in daily devotions.  We regularly celebrate the contributions of all of our members

Who leads us?  Our Senior Pastor is The Rev. Sarah Daniels Roncolato. 

How do I get to Stone Church?   If you would like to join us in person at our beautiful church home, please click here to get directions via Mapquest.  Because we cannot know from where all interested persons will be traveling, Mapquest has been set to show the location of Meadville.  Simply change the "zoom" feature on the right side of the map to reach the appropriate level of detail for your use. 

 Come, visit with us!


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