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Sunday, July 05, 2020
Creating a Community of Caring Christians

Caring & Sharing



Methodism is not a passive form of Christianity.   Our faith presses us to personally do acts of compassion for those in need and to witness to injustices when encountered in our society.  Stone works hard to provide opportunities for its members and friends to work their faith.  Among the ministries of StoneChurch are the following.





Soup Kitchen.  Stone Church hosts the community’s “soup kitchen” that provides wholesome meals to many in need five days per week.  Meadville’s soup kitchen project is ecumenical and Stone cooperates with many churches throughout the region in providing this essential work of compassion for the needy.  Stone’s central location and substantial facilities make it the logical and most effective home for this project.



Fairview-Fairmont Apartments.  Reacting to a lack of quality low-income housing for needy citizens of the community, Stone formed a partnership with another local church many years ago and created a substantial subsidized housing development known as the Fairview-Fairmont Apartments.  Stone and its partner church continue to subsidize operations at Fairview-Fairmont and provide religious and social programming and education for the residents of the facility.



 United Methodist National and International Projects  Throughout the year, the Untied Methodist Church conducts fund raising events for special domestic and international mission projects.  The members and friends of Stone are active in responding to these events.



Red Bird Mission. Red Bird Mission is a national mission institution in the Red Bird Missionary Conference that is affiliated with the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. The Mission provides "a witness for Christ in the heart of Appalacia."  The Mission defines its task as  ". . .  guided by Jesus Christ, [Red Bird Mission] empowers individuals and advocates justice by providing spiritual, educational, health, and community outreach ministries."  Stone provides financial support and encouragement to the christian school  (grades pre-K through 12) operated by Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky.  Over 80% of the students in the school come from low income families and the school services a region in which 50% of the adult population has never finished high school and in which illiteracy is "more usual than unusual."



Wesbury Auxilliary Support.  Stone Church enjoys a long and very special relationship with the Wesbury United Methodist Retirement Community.  Members of Stone are very active in the Wesbury Auxilliary and provide ongoing support to this treasure of care, compassion and community resource that benefits so many individuals and our community.






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