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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Worship is central to life at Stone Church. Stone offers many different worship opportunities to its members, friends and community.  Each is designed to be true worship and to be deeply meaningful events for all participants.


Among the worship services celebrated at Stone Church are:


Weekly Worship.  Stone offers two services of worship each Sunday morning. Both services feature the strong, insightful and exciting preaching for which Stone has become known in our community. The 10:00 am service often features the artistry of Stone’s wonderful organist, James Ross.  The tone and style of the services are, however, different. Each addresses a different worship need within the congregation and friends of the church.


  • The 8:30 AM service is informal and casual in style and features congregational singing and prayer, scripture and a sermon and a short children’s message.  Many members and friends make the 8:30 service their regular weekly worship choice  Other members appreciate the availability of the 8:30 service when scheduling challenges cause participation at the later service to be difficult or impossible.  The 8:30  service is usually concluded within 45 minutes.
  • Our 10:00 service is of a more traditional style. Scripture and sermon are supplemented by expanded congregational singing and prayer.  Various talents are shared through special music offered by Stone Church’s Carillon Bell Choir or by solos, duets, and instrumentalists.  
Prayer & Praise Evening Service.   Stone, also provides two Prayer & Praise Evening Services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, September through May.   Our Evening Praise and Worship Service is more than just music and singing.  It's a time of genuine praise toward God and thanksgiving for all He has done.  To experience God in a fresh and dynamic way, join us at 7:00 pm on the third floor Living Room.


Special Worship Events. In addition to its weekly worship offerings, Stone Church provides special worship services to celebrate many of the special events observed by the ecumenical calendar and to address civic needs.  Some of these services are:


  • On Christmas Eve, Stone offers two special services.  One is held early in the evening and is targeted at young families (and at all those of any age who want to be sure to be in bed before Santa arrives).  This service is full of candles, carols and the Christmas message.  Stone also offers the traditional Christmas Eve candle light service that has so long been a part of the Christian Tradition at 11:00 pm.  This service is also full of candles, carols and the Christmas message.  It also features special music.  Both services offer truly magnificent worship experiences.


  • On Maundy Thursday of each year, Stone often offers a solemn Eucharistic Service of Tenebrae that truly communicates the tone of the passion season and that helps set the backdrop for the Easter celebration to come in a few days time.


  • Stone is located in the heart of its community.  Therefore, it is particularly able to make its sanctuary available for special prayer services during times of national crisis (e.g. after the 911 disaster and during periods of armed conflict) and during times of public celebration.  These special services are sometimes formal worship opportunities organized and conducted by the pastors of our church and are sometimes planned simply to provide a quite sanctuary in which people may stop for a few moments of prayer and meditation.



A Word About Eucharist At Stone. Stone celebrates the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month (at both services).  Stone observes an "open" communion policy.  All are invited to the Lord’s Table at Stone.  Membership in Stone, in any Methodist Church or even in any church is not required to receive the elements of the Lord’s Supper at Stone.  All that the Pastor asks is that those receiving communion honestly acknowledge that they are in relationship with their God.




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